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HDD Anti-vibration Holder


Fits 3.5″ HDD and mounts in a 5.25″ case
Material: Metal Bracket + Silica gel pillars
Size: 145x123x30mm

Hard Disk Protection
When the HDD hard disk is running, the disc rotates at 7200 rpm/min. When installed in a metal chassis, it generates jitter, resonance and noise. In the long run, it will cause the hard disk damage. Therefore, it is imperative to eliminate resonance and noise. For this purpose you can use this hard disk shock absorption and noise reduction bracket. Active shock absorbing silica gel: Active organic silica gel is a special material with high strength and toughness. It has stable material properties and good shock absorption and noise reduction effect. This product uses active flexible silicone as a pillar, which is superior in vibration absorption and environmentally friendly. An optional 80 mm fan installation position is is located on the bottom of the holder. This enhances hard disk heat dissipation and ensures stable operation of the hard disk. Suitable for most chassis with optical drive bays. Fits in any 5.25 inch bay.

Installation steps:
1. Install the two side brackets strips with screws on both sides of the hard disk.
2. The hard drive with brackets are then inserted into the silicone pillars on both sides
3. Install the hard drive in the computer in a 5.25 inch bay, or let the holder stand on a surface.

Package List:

1x HDD Anti-vibration Holder
6x Silica gel pillars
2x Metal brackets
8x Mounting Screws

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